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Helps With: I can now walk without knee pain.
Good Product
Helps With: Cycling now over 5000 miles per year at 63 years young!
BEST EVER Knee Sleeves
Helps With: Any twisting or turning with knee action was tough before ...now im learning i can push the limits more so now than ever before
Knee stablization
Great compression knee braces
Helps With: I am much more mobile on the tennis court since they are so lightweight . I had personally measured expensive metal braces that slowed me down. These braces allow movement and freedom from pain.
Pain free
Helps With: Knees do not bother me during the day and night.
Works for active women too
Helps With: I can groom all day without shooting pains in my knee.
Very soothing!
Helps With: I can now resume my daily 2 mile walk.
Very Comfortable
Great product & shopping experience
Helps With: Walking down hill is much easier
Sore knees
That's wonderful Rita! Getting the proper fit means no rolling and no slipping.
Hi Marcia, that's wonderful! I'm glad its working great!
Thanks for the 5 star rating Jeffrey! I hope your knees feel a lot better now!
Helps With: Since I have osteoarthritis in my knee it gives me sense of security that my knee joint is being supported especially when I am exercising.
Best Compression Sleeve Ever!
Hi Maryann! Its soo good to hear that despite the osteoarthritis you've continued to exercise! Keep on pushing forward and rock on!
Helps With: I can wear it all day with more comfort than no device at all, and I can wear it under body armor when mountain biking.
Very good compression
Helps With: Comfortable active again
Mountain hiking knee compression
That's awesome! I'm sure the trails and views over there are wonderful! Its so wonderufl that you can hike without issue now.
That's great Betsy! Having a good night's rest is important to your body's recovery -- so I'm happy that you're getting the rest that you need.
great help
Thank you for the review Mitchell, I hope you'll get back to running soon! I'm glad that your knees are now getting the help it needs.
Thank you so much for the recommendation Stephanie! I'm glad that we were to get you a great fit! Fit is really important for your knees to get that support and comfort it deserves.
Helps With: It absolutely made climbing ladders much easier after a few days
Knee Saver!
Construction is never easy and I'm glad that you're knees are getting the help and support it needs. Be strong, keep strong! :)