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Heart Coherence Meditation (Super Easy Steps!)

By Lift and Rise
March 6, 2020

Heart Coherence Meditation

The Heart Coherence exercises use deep breathing and mindfulness.

Great news is they are easy to follow, take less than 5 minutes to feel the affect, and and they can be done anywhere.

Heart Coherence practice has been shown to boost the immune system’s antibody IgA ( immunoglobulin A ) by a lot! IgA is the body’s first line of defense against invaders and pathogens.

Studies of Heart Coherence practice from HeartMath Institute show that IgA levels continue to rise for hours after the exercise.

So Many Benefits...

Heart Coherence exercises have been developed by the HeartMath Institute to:

  • Increase Heart-Rate Variability ( HRV )
  • Increase production of Telomerase ( an enzyme that helps reverse biological aging )
  • Increased Resilience
  • Increased Positive Mood
  • Reduce Stress
  • Boost Immune Defenses
  • Increase DHEA ( anti-aging hormone )
  • Switch on the parasympathetic "repair" nervous system

Simple Steps For Heart Coherence

Here's an exercise you can try right now and feel results within 3 minutes.

1. Sit in a Comfortable Position & Close Your Eyes

You'll want to close your eyes to limit outside stimulations. Closing eyes signals to your body that you want to focus internally.

2. Put Your Hand(s) Over Your Heart

When you place your hand, or touch your heart, it will help to bring your attention to the center of your chest.

The idea is to put your attention on your heart as though you are feeling from your heart.

3. Breathe Deeply and Slow Your Breath

Slowing your breathing is a signal to your body that you are safe and you are okay.

Slow your breath down to about 5-6 seconds per inhale, and 5-6 seconds per exhale.

Try breathing into the bottom of your lungs.

You can do this by doing a belly breath. When you do a belly breath, you are using your diaphragm to pull air into the bottom of your lungs -- where parasympathetic nerve receptors receive the oxygen.

Within a couple minutes, your body will start to be in a relaxed state.

4. Feel Loving Emotions in Your Heart

We all feel love differently...

The HeartMath Institute studied the heart waves of people during these exercise, and found 4 emotions that work for 99.99% of all people.

Once you’ve completed the first 3 steps, start to “feel” one of these emotions in your heart: Gratitude, Appreciation, Care, and Compassion.

One of these four will work for you.

The one that works the most for people is Gratitude.

To turn on the gratitude emotion, try saying quietly or silently “Thank You”.

When you do that over and over again, your body will "feel" the emotion of Gratitude.

5. Do this for about 3-5 minutes

We like to listen to soft instrumental music while doing this exercise. But you can do it in silence too.

The music we really like is The Angels Voice by Diane Arkenstone. 

Try these suggestions and share them with others to supercharge your immune system.

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